Who we Are?


Standing by “Where law meets opinions”, interestinglaws.com is a student-led website that wants to deliver an understanding of various subjects encompassed within the legal and the political sphere, and an outlook of the prevalent state of the society- in a simple, easy yet precise manner. Besides, it invites you to participate, with opportunities like- blog submissions, quizzes and many more competitions where you could test your grey matter. Also, you can join us in various capacities like an intern and contribute to the purpose of this website.

Our Core Values

We aim to give voice to the opinionated and quench the information thirst in people.

We never stop learning; we never stop evolving into who we want to be and where we want to get.

Our word and hard work over everything else.Our visitors are our guiding beacons.

We do not formulate opinions but rather makes people share their opinions and be vocal about what they feel.

Our Team

Interesting Laws is a bunch of regular students who, in their creative and innovative capacities, want to achieve a simple goal- giving their readers a wholesome experience of learning and participating. 



Legal Services


Mr. Pankaj Kumar Shukla

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Shukla

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Shukla, a 5th year law student at NUALS, Kochi is the founder of Clat Pathshala, an innovative head and an able administrator. His generosity is not just limited to helping and guiding law entrance exam aspirants by bridging the gap between those who take specialized coaching and those preparing by themselves  but also extends to mentoring us build this website.

Interesting Laws is a team you can be a part of too!