‘Analysis on Reservation for Women in Elections’

Women in India have largely failed to represent in the political decision-making processes, in voicing their opinion on critical issues of governance in our country. The major reason for this being the exclusion in electoral politics and under-representations in electoral politics. A major factor which keeps the women out of politics is the very nature of Indian political situation.

‘Modernization of Land Records under Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP)’ Infrastructure Law

The Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme was introduced to create computerized land records and cadastral maps using space technology. This was brought to shift from updating manual land record system to digital record. Its main object has been to shift from presumptive land title system to conclusive land title system in India in order to reduce litigation and to provide state guaranteed land titles. This programme has tremendous benefits to citizens for accessing record of rights, digital viewing of cadastral maps, linking of property details to Aadhar Card, linking for accessing bank loans, insurance etc.

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