Farmer’s Protest- A national Crisis

The farm bills were introduced on 14th September 2020, passed in the Lok Sabha on 17th September and in Rajya Sabha on 20th September. The president gave his assent on 24th September and the Gazette notification was published on 27th September. In the matter of less than two weeks, without democratic process and discussion the farm bills bulldozed their way into becoming laws.


On the 12th of October 2005, the Indian Parliament effectively did away with the controversial and allegedly counter-intuitive Freedom of Information Act, 2002, and replaced it with a rectified and improved rendition of the aforementioned intention, the Right to Information Act, 2005.[1] It gave rise to the formation of independent statutory bodies, namely, the State and the Central Information Commission. To ensure their efficacy, these bodies had virtually been eradicated off of most of the ties to the Government, so as to make it truly independent in practice. Hence, even the CIC has no jurisdiction over the State Information Commission despite it being at the hierarchal bottom.


The concept of assisted suicide or euthanasia came into the limelight after the Supreme Court legalized passive euthanasia in 2018 in the judgement of Common Cause (A Regd. Society) v. Union of India[1] This blogpost will examine the concept of assisted suicide in different countries and will attempt to give a thorough understanding of the issue.

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