Interview of Chege Kanyuku, Advocate at high court of kenya

Chege Kanyuku is an Advocate at the High Court of Kenya. Having graduated with flying colors from the Kenya School of Law, Chege went on to serve as a legal assistant to Kenya Law, and as a lawyer for Kimathi and Kimani Advocates, finally becoming an Associate at the Taibjee and Bhalla Advocates law firm. Apart from his other interests, Chege maintains an active profile in maritime law, and advises getting a mentor if one wants to do well in that field. We approached him all of this and more.

Anuradha Bhasin v/s Union of India (Writ Petition 1031/2019)

The legality of the internet shutdown on what basis was posited in the Court and the restriction on the public movements was challenged under Article 32 of the Constitution. The inception of the issue is seen from 5th August 2019. It begins with the issuing of Constitutional Order 272 by the President, modifying Article 370, limiting its interpretation in its application in Jammu and Kashmir.


In this article the author explores the meaning of hate speech as it is defined in India, then proceed to discuss blasphemy, which is a form of hate speech. Explanation on how it’s been differentiated from free speech, and why it’s unconstitutional will be given here.

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