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About the Programme

Basically, the Campus Ambassador Program is a campus-based promotion of a brand, association, corporation, etc. What students want is a genuine and trustworthy source which with the shift in scenario promotion by social media or otherwise is not enough. Through this programme they will hear about our organisation transparently through a campus ambassador that will enhance their confidence in accessing our services.

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Role As A Campus Ambassador:

  1. Social Media Marketing and Promotion – the campus ambassadors shall promote the events and other activities carried out by the organisation in their respective network.
  2. Reach out – the campus ambassadors shall create awareness about the organisation’s events and bring participation for the same
  3. Representative of the Organization: the campus ambassadors shall be the connecting bridge between their institute and organisation
  4. Hosting an event – the campus ambassadors can also propose any events that they wish to conduct through our organization.

Perks of a Campus Ambassador:

  1. Volunteer experience
  2. Development of leadership and  networking skills
  3. Soft skills enhancements
  4. Rewards and Recommendations

Terms and Conditions

§  This position is tenured, part-time, voluntary, and unpaid.

§  We are looking for a commitment of at least 6 months

For any queries, please drop us an email at

To Apply please click here.

      This programme is part time and all the work is done online so you can pursue the same along with your academics.