Media Partnership

In case you want to expand the reach of the event/opportunity that you are organizing,
interestinglaws can help you as:
 Media Partner
 Advertisement (Top or Side banners)

InterestingLaws would happily like to become your media partner for events like
 Moot Court Competition.
 Essay Writing Competition and other Writing Competitions
 MUNs & Model Parliaments
 Call for Papers
 Drafting Competition
 Fest
 Quiz

Conditions for Partnership
Our website’s name, logo and URL(as applicable) should be mentioned on all your posters,
banners, website and social medias( facebook and instagram).

 reserves all the right to accept or decline our proposal.
 If you are organizing an event/opportunity then mail us at with
“Media Partnership” in the subject line and our logo on the poster.
 You can call us at 7991779751 for any queries.