Submission Guidelines

A.Eligibility Criteria

We accept submissions from students, researchers, academicians, practicing lawyers, policy makers and professionals pursuing related fields. The Interesting Laws Blog welcomes posts related to matters of national and international importance under three major heads:

  • Law related articles: Interesting Laws welcomes blog posts in the form of articles, short notes, opinions, and case comments which address issues of legal nature. We discourage posts that merely summarize cases or are descriptive in nature, and prefer posts that critically analyze or explore particular themes of wider resonance. An inter-disciplinary approach is highly encouraged.
  • International relations: This section welcomes well researched analytical articles on Geopolitics, International Security and Strategy, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, among others
  • Social Sciences: This section welcomes write-ups related to Political Science, Economics, Sociology, History, Philosophy and Linguistics.

B.Guidelines for Submission

  • Headings: Authors are encouraged to use headings to break up long posts. Headings should not be of more than one level and should be in bold.
  • The submission should preferably be between 1000-1500 words. This stipulation is flexible at Editor’s discretion in exceptional cases.
  • Font and Spacing: The body of the text should be formatted to Times New Roman, font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing with a single line space between paragraphs. Font size for endnotes should be 10.
  • References: All references must be in the form of hyperlinks in the body of the submission. Hyperlinks should be provided to all supporting materials and legal texts for the benefit of the readers. In case no hyperlink is available for any reference, use of endnotes is recommended that adhere to the 20th Harvard Bluebook citation format.
  • Authorship: Co-authorship up to two authors is allowed.
  • Originality: All write-ups must be original and unpublished. Any form of plagiarism will lead to disqualification for publication on the Blog.
  • The submission shall be made in the form of an MS Word file only (.doc/.docx).
  • Author(s) are requested to attach another .doc/.docx file containing declaration as to the bona fides of the submission. (Details provided further)
  • Author(s) should provide a short bio of themselves in the email body only.
  • The author(s) are requested to send their submission after attaching required files to submissions@Interesting with subject ‘Submission for Guest Post’.

C.Review Policy and Timeline for Publication

  • Interesting Laws strives to ensure a speedy and efficient review process.
  • The Editorial Board may take up to 7 days to respond to submissions.
  • A further period of 3-4 days is reserved for any improvement or correction to be done on the manuscript by the author as per the suggestion of the editorial board.
  • Once accepted, the submission shall be published within 3 days of acceptance. In case of articles on very recent developments which may lose novelty or relevance within days, authors may request an expedited review by adding the words “Urgent” in the subject line. Such articles shall be reviewed within 3 days.
  • Such exception shall be granted solely on the discretion of the Editorial Board; otherwise, the submission will be relegated to the normal review cycle

D.Conditions of Publication

Indemnity for Liability

  • Submissions are accepted for publication on the condition that they do not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third parties and that the work does not contain any obscene, offensive, defamatory, or racially prejudiced material.
  • All submissions will be checked for plagiarism by the Editorial Board. Infringing, offensive or plagiarized submissions will be liable for rejection.
  • The editorial board will evaluate submissions on the basis of criteria including but not limited to originality, argumentation, language, structure and analysis.
  • Editors shall compare submissions with existing literature available elsewhere to assess novelty. Furthermore, the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject a piece at any stage, if it is noticed that the above mentioned criterion are not duly met.
  • After initial acceptance, manuscripts may be returned to the author(s) with suggestions related to substance and/or style.
  • Final acceptance of a manuscript for publication is contingent on the incorporation of such suggestions to the satisfaction of the Board of Editors. The authors must also include a declaration as to the bona fide of their submission.
  • Sample declaration – “The article is an original work of the author/s. I certify that the intellectual content of this article is the product of my own work. No part of this article has been copied from any other source without acknowledgement of the source.”
  • Note – By submitting a write-up, author(s) acknowledge that the copyright of a blog post, once accepted, vests with the Interesting Laws.
  • Each post will be shared on Interesting Laws’s social media pages with due credit to the contributor(s).